You can now be trapped in a case of mortgage with a higher rate than the current general interest rates. Now this is a good reason for you to get this loan home loan refinancing transaction was concluded.
But remember a simple mantra: sodas, sneakers, and houses are bought with money - no prices! Rejection is part of life, we must learn to deal with it. However, it should not be a part of your application for a mortgage refinance loan.

The current credit crisis to the bursting of the bubble in the subprime mortgage rate presaging a significant increase in seizures of property.

In the meantime, while you're struggling with your bills, stop using credit cards. It is difficult, but there is no other way to eliminate future debts credit card while you're paying the pile of delinquent loans that have accumulated.
When applied to a typical house payment, which can sometimes double or triple the monthly mortgage payment for a home owner.
refinancing loan wise, they warn you that the things you should avoid when getting a loan.